Why Take A Pre-Workout?



I think it is appropriate to begin the launch of Supersonic by clarifying exactly why/how to take a pre-workout for your individual fitness journey. Pre-workouts make up a somewhat gray area of the supplement industry, simply because there are many different ways to enhance exercise performance. Increasing strength, boosting strength endurance, enhancing blood flow, supplying nutrients used during exercise, boosting testosterone, and using stimulants to improve mental focus and energy is still not an exhaustive list of the ways we can seek to boost our workouts! Most pre-workouts emphasize only one or two of these pathways to enhance workouts, and sometimes prioritize the ability to “feel” the product take effect over actual enhancement of exercise.

So what is the average fitness warrior/athlete to do with all these choices? The answer is simple, though certainly not easy: they must understand what their particular workouts demand from them and thus what they should focus on increasing to boost their performance and results. Then they must identify which ingredients provide a boost to these areas, and which forms of those ingredients are the most likely to work in the human body. Finally, they must find a product that gives them the best ratio for performance and affordability (because if money is no issue they could simply find a pre-workout containing everything and buy it with no budget concerns).


To make things simple, a strength athlete would focus more on boosting strength (duh), strength endurance, and mental focus to ensure their nervous system is able to work at full capacity and allow them to move the highest possible weight. Creatine and caffeine are the two ingredients which accomplish these goals to the greatest degree, so a strength athlete would look for something containing these. Pretty straightforward.


A bodybuilder or all around athlete will have a tougher time because they are focused on improving strength, strength endurance, muscle endurance, blood flow and mental focus or intensity. With all of these variables to consider, one of these athletes will have to decide whether to bite the bullet and buy an expensive pre-workout or prioritize only a couple of these areas and find a pre-workout with a formula that reflects that.


The advantage of a pre-workout is simple to deduce: if an athlete is able to perform better and have a better workout, they give their body a greater stimulus for positive change. It is important to not only get in the gym consistently but also to take full advantage of the time we spend in there if we want to succeed! The issue comes when the ingredients within a pre-workout do not actually aid in workout performance, whether that is due to a lack of ingredients to boost a certain variable or (more commonly) use of a substandard form of the ingredient in question.


In the case of creatine for example, the cheapest and most common form used is creatine monohydrate. There are decades of research showing that without a doubt, creatine monohydrate works. Unfortunately, it is also known without a doubt that creatine monohydrate barely absorbs in the human body because most of it degenerates into creatinine within the stomach. So we have to take in massive doses (loading), make sure to stay very well hydrated, and can only use it for short periods of time. A pre-workout containing creatine monohydrate will be less effective because most of the creatine in the product will not be able to make it to the muscles that need it! On the other hand, creatine HCl is made when we combine the creatine with a molecule of hydrochloric acid (the same acid contained in the stomach). When this mixture enters the stomach, it is not broken down since the acids are the same and is able to enter into the muscles via the intestinal tract in a much higher ratio. A product containing creatine HCl (like Supersonic) can be expected to aid performance far better than one containing creatine monohydrate.


At Magnitude, we took special care to emphasize quality with every single ingredient in Supersonic, and attempted to keep affordability as high as possible to allow more athletes to try it and get more out of each workout. It is the sincere hope of me and the rest of the team that once all of you try Supersonic, you will find that you can get better workouts and accelerate your path to success!






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